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Fast online help for all your SPSS problems and data analysis questions!

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Having trouble understanding SPSS or statistics? In need of data analysis for your thesis or assignment, or looking for more insight into the wishes of your customer market? More than 10 years of experience in the field of data analysis, I can offer you fast and reliable service!


How does it work? Email me with your data analyses wishes or problems and we can agree on the best way to help you. Either I will do your analysis, attach all relevant documents and explain everything by email and phone. Or we can share our desktops and I'll perform the SPSS analysis in real time with you watching and taking notes. Both ways will result in a perfect understanding of strictly the important parts without losing much time!


Whether you need to perform a (multiple) Regression analysis, (M)ANOVA, Factor analysis, Mediation & Moderation analysis, or more basic T-test & Chi2 tests, I'll do the work and provide you with clear and easy to understand answers to your data! Syntax and Output will be included. Just send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities:

Available on a daily basis! New: also analysis with Process (Hayes) and in Excel!

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