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CAS: 9002-07-7

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CAS: 9002-07-7
Name: Trypsin
Source: Bovine (pig) pancreas
Enzyme activity: 2500u/mg, other enzyme activity can be customized
① Clinical surgery for a variety of inflammation, ulcer, gangrene, trauma, impotent hole caused by local abscess, edema, hematoma and snake bite and other diseases. Surgical treatment for itch itch and other skin disorders. Internal medicine for empyema, emphysema, bronchitis, bronchial wheezing and other diseases. Generally intramuscular injection, can also be injected into the chest or abscess tube cavity, discharge pus washing, or spray inhalation for respiratory diseases.
② In addition, the treatment of complications caused by diabetes, such as nephritis; Treating orthopedic diseases.
③ Cut large molecular proteins as food processing AIDS.
The properties of its hydrolyzed protein are widely used as reagents in the research and development and detection fields of biology, medicine, food and other industries.

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