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English thesis check

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English thesis check by Scriptium/Thesischecker



Time for your thesis

After years of studying for your degree it all comes down to that final hurdle: your thesis. You now need to prove to your university or college that you have developed yourself as an academic thinker and researcher. The best way to do that, of course, is by conducting your own research and by writing a thesis about your findings. It is therefore that universities and colleges value theses and research by students; it shows them how far their students have come and if they succeeded in teaching their pupils to be critical thinkers and academic contributors.

You need a sufficient mark for your thesis in order to graduate. A pass depends on various factors and the higher the overall quality of your thesis, the higher the grade. We want to draw your attention to the possibility of having a third party proofread your thesis in order to make sure your work is optimized before you hand it in. Such an English thesis check, specifically for theses written in English, can be executed by thesis expert Scriptium/Thesischecker.


What is an English thesis check?

In essence it is a thorough proofread of the work you’ve done so far. Scriptium/Thesischecker offers checks based on three different linguistic aspects: language, structure and/or content. Let us look at the different checks in more detail.

The basic language check is based on vocabulary, style, tone and overall grammar and language mistakes. A thesis is a professional document with an academic purpose. This means that the language contained in such a document needs to be as efficient, concise, subjective and correct as possible. These linguistic demands influence word choice and style as much as general correctness of applied language does. We do not need to tell you that language mistakes in your thesis are not done. Your thesis is supposed to reflect the best version of your academic self and language mistakes reflect laziness, untidiness and a lack of knowledge. Points will be deducted from your total when your thesis is found to be riddled with mistakes.


Secondly, your choice of words greatly influences your thesis’ style and tone. A language expert deals with sentences like “The report has shown what was said in the previous paragraph and much more” during an English thesis check. This example sentence is vague and unprofessional. It is not efficient, is open to subjective interpretation and speaks of lazy writing.


Does an English thesis check deal with structure and content?

As was said before, the structure and content in a thesis are just as important as language is. A thesis expert will provide you with extensive feedback on structure and content during an English thesis check. The structure in an academic text is very important. It dictates the text’s overall efficiency. The proofreader will mostly be looking for redundant information or paragraphs where essential information is missing. Unnecessary information or internal repetition of information makes for a rambling text.



Scriptium’s/Thesischecker’s content analysis as a part of an English thesis check is unique. Your thesis will be analyzed on content anomalies and imperfections. The main focus is to safeguard coherency between different chapters and paragraphs. A thesis is written over an extensive period of time and therefore it is difficult to maintain consistency throughout the chapters. It is almost impossible to remember what exactly you wrote in your introduction when writing your conclusion approximately four months after you started your thesis. Scriptium’s/Thesischecker’s editor will analyze the integrity of the content in your thesis and provide you with feedback on inconsistencies. Your theoretical framework might not contain the exact information needed for an accurate foundation for your research question. Or maybe your conclusion does not, in fact, answer your research question in its entirety. Such content mistakes might cost you that sufficient grade you were hoping for.



Where do you I send my thesis for an English thesis check?

You simply send in your thesis on Scriptium’s/Thesischecker’s website. It will ask you to fill in how many words your thesis contains, which services you want completed (language, structure and/or content) and within how many hours or days you would like your thesis returned to you. This same website also offers more information on thesis checking and thesis tutoring.     

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