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Black Magic Curse Removal Spell Karma Bad Luck Removal Same Day Casting Fast Results

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Black Magic Curse Removal Spell Karma Bad Luck Removal Same Day Casting Fast Results

This spell will save you from curses, omens , bad luck and spells that have been cast on you.. It will cleanse your chakras and aura. This spell is a good choice to solve your problems.We will raise your luck and stellar energy. You will open a new road in your life.

This is the magic of hex / curse removal and protection, the magic of white candles and amulets .It does not create any karma and negativity.When completing the spell, I write incense burning , energy redirection and amulets.. I'm looking at your star map while I'm casting the spell. I'm doing the spell according to your closed and blocked chakras.. I'm letting you know what it takes to raise your aura and star energy after the spell.


I am casting a spell on the same day after sending your information.. i'm reading the astrological chart and horoscope.I'm looking at your chakras and aura.I'm completing the breakdown according to the moon and star movements.After the casting of the spell is completed, I write the amulet. I am sending you a detailed message. In the content of the message, I am telling you what needs to be done to make your chakra and aura rise.. We're accelerating the effect of the spell.
Spell casting is an energy study.. If your energy lines / chakras are closed and blocked, the spell will take effect late. The duration of the spell depends on the person and your energy.The typical manifestation period is 1-2 weeks, however results can vary from person to person so please be patient and allow the casting to fully manifest.

*I use white or black magic according to your request, no side effects or bad karma


* Your full name and birth date.
* Full names of any other people involved in the spell.
* Birth dates of the other people (optional – only if this is known)
* A brief history of your situation.
* Photos of yours and other people involved in the spell (if you are not sure about the information)


I am a healer who casts spells with mystical powers passed down from my ancestors.I am a spell caster with 18+ years of experience.I complete my spells with ancient books that belong to ancient times.. My job is to get what you want from the universe. We will draw the energy of your wishes from the universe. On the other hand, if the universe doesn't want you to do something or have something, that's on you, not me.I will tell you the rituals you must continue.
You have to be willing for it and continue with the rituals I have said.The universe will not do anything for you when you are not willing.I can't wait to help you and work together.

** All spells and casting work done for you is confidential and none of your information will ever be shared or sold.

** After Casting your spell I am going to send a mesagge to you with a description to your email address in 24 hours maybe It can be 48 hours if I am too busy.

***** This is for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. I issue no refunds so please read prior to buying. I perform spells and use my skills to do so, the Universe decides whether to give it to you or not. I accept no responsibility for the choices the client makes with the information given in any spell.
The purchasing of products signifies your acceptance of the policy statements and releases MartalaSpell from all liability.
you can send a message to find the best spell for you..


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