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Locatie: Bibliotheek van BiblioPlus Sint Anthonis


Spreekvaardigheid/Conversatie Engels
niveau B2 Upper-intermediate - ongeveer op HAVO-VWO niveau


Would you like to improve your fluency and conversation skills, extend your vocabulary and  be a more confident speaker in English?  For this course you already mastered the basics of the English language and in simple words you feel free to talk about any topic you like.
You will be given ample opportunity to practise your speaking skills.
Every week we will start with some chit chat or your delivering a “5 minutes-talk” about any topic you like, but preferably from an English source.
We will read and discuss articles at upper-intermediate level from quality newspaper “The Guardian”.
Your teacher will provide you with tips, websites, podcasts, grammar exercises etc. in order to improve your reading and listening skills.
This course will start with at least 6 students and has a maximum of 10.

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Cursus en Training Noord-Limburg ( Bedrijf )
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